Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Watched That?

Yes, I did and I'm going to tell you all about it. Movies, television shows... is there anything else to watch? Anyway, I write about sports all the time so this is where I can tell you why your favorite shows suck and mine are great. Same for your awful taste in movies. Get over it.

Also, it'll be nice to just use pictures that I find on the internet. You know, wild-west-style! If I want to throw up a picture of Scarlett Johnasson for no good reason, well, that's a good enough reason here at You Watched That?

Hell, I might bring start re-running the Girls of TGIF posts again. [Link redacted so you don't go read them all now. In fact, forget I said anything.]

Tune in [sometime in the future] for a new post about a movie I saw or a TV show I watched. I do plan on discussing certain favorite shows like Community, The League, Cougar Town and others on a weekly basis. This much I promise you. And every Monday, I promise a post where I cover the weekend box office and rail against how freaking stupid Americans are. Plus, I'll use words like fuck.

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