Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Watch These Shows

There's stuff on television every night. I'm here to help you because your taste in television is seriously awful.

Terriers -10e - FX
Terriers is on tonight! I was so excited I initially said it was on last night. I'm not willing to get behind it quite as vehemently as Rex got behind Rubicon, but I will say I'm a fan. Tonight, Britt gets kidnapped by his old partner and is taken to Mexico. I hope Hank can save him. Though I am a little disappointed that Terriers isn't doing a Halloween episode. That would get ratings!

World Series - 8e - Fox
Its the World Series and it gets shitty ratings so if you people don't start watching, Fox will cancel the World Series. Do you really want the World Series to go the way of Arrested Development? You people are really going to regret this when you're watching the World Series on IFC at 10pm in a few years and you're thinking, "Why did they have to cancel the World Series? This show is awesome!"

Better With You - 8:30e - ABC
Nick Swisher's future wife is on this show! Tonight's episode is called "Better With Halloween." That prompted me to check and... yup! All the episodes are titled "Better With..." How clever! Let's see what happens. "Mia and Casey offer to give Maddie a Halloween-free party for her birthday." Somebody has a holiday birthday!

Modern Family - 9e - ABC
Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland in Halloween costumes. Yay!

Cougar Town - 9:30e - ABC
Another Halloween episode. One of the characters dresses as The Rocketeer which is why Cougar Town is awesome despite the name.

South Park - 10e - Comedy Central
"Coon and friends set out to help the victims of BP's latest catastrophic drilling accident." BP be getting lampooned!

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