Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snickers' Creepy Halloween Commercial

I love this commercial. I can't say that enough. The mask. The extreme height. The awesomely fake voice. If you saw this person in the grocery store you would literally (Figuratively) shit yourself.

My absolute favorite part is when she starts to turn away and the kid sticks out the long fake arm and just pulls the cart back. It gets me every time.

Bless Snickers' advetising department. Unlike Skittles who usually goes for the disturbingly random and werid, they have a long history of funny commercials. Including, two of my all-time favorite football-related ads.

These commercials have to be 10-15 years old at this point and I remember them perfectly. I don't eat Snickers, but dammit if they haven't earned my loyalty. Someone asks what kind of candy they should get, I immediately suggest Snickers. They ask if I want to share one and I say, "fuck no," but they should definitely get one anyway.

Yes, I will be covering great ads from time-to-time. They are on the television after all.

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