Monday, October 18, 2010

You Should Watch This!

Here are some television programs I might be watching tonight when I'm not watching football like a man!

Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now - 9E - VH1
Now here's a show worth DVRing. It will probably be pointless, but don't you wonder what happened to the girls that Brett Michaels banged on television a few years ago? Don't tell me you don't miss Daisy de la Hoya in your life.

How I Met Your Mother - 8E - CBS

I really like HIMYM, but its never been appointment viewing. I mean, they drink all the time and there are lots of hot chicks and the show is generally funny. What's not to love? And I really like the characters. Still, I often forget to watch it on Mondays.

Hawaii Five-0 - 10E - CBS
I saw the second episode and it was really entertaining. Sure, there was a scene where a guy jumped from the second story of a building and swung down to the floor on a chain while shooting a gun, but it was still pretty good. I haven't seen a
second of the show since.

House - 8E - FOX
This used to be appointment viewing, but then Lauren and I stopped watching mid-way through last season and never caught back up. Still a good show to stumble on randomly in the afternoon.

Weeds - 10E - Showtime
Am I the only one that still watches Weeds every week? I feel like I am.

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