Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Should Watch This!

Every day around lunchtime I'm going to highlight some of the evening's best and worst programming. I'll let you know what you should watch, DVR and watch if you just need background noise.

It seems like there is way too much to watch on Thursdays so I'm just going to put the most important shows in order.

1. Community - NBC - 8E
The brilliance of the show is that Abed befriend a pregnant woman and deliver a baby and its all in the background.

2. 30 Rock - NBC - 8:30E
30 Rock opened this season strong after a mediocre 4th season. Tonight's episode is live from Studio 8H. Live network television!? Well this will never work! Let's hope Tracey Jor - Mor - er... Either one goes off the rails.

3. The League - FX - 10:30E
I hope that Rafi becomes a pop-in/pop-out character. Same for Dirty Randy.

4. Jersey Shore
I do not like Creepy Sitch. Not one bit.

5. Always Sunny
The Gang hasn't had the comeback year that 30 Rock has, that's for sure.

6. The Office
Last week was pretty good. Not third season good, but good. Despite the fact that I haven't watched religiously over the last season, I'm still kind of invested in these characters. And I'm a big fan of Ellie Kemper who was also in Mystery Team.

7. Big Bang Theory
I really wish they had left this on Monday. I haven't seen a single episode this year because its on opposite Community and I'm still conditioned to watch BBT on Mondays at 9:30.

Only watch it ironically on DVR late Friday night when you're shitfaced to make fun of with friends - Outsourced and Shit My Dad Says - I'm not going to tell you when either of these shows are one because I don't endorse either seriously. However, they're fairly well-known new shows that got awful reviews. Say what you will about Better With You, at least ABC didn't promote it.


  1. CRM. Do what I do, DVR Big Bang Theory and watch it at 9:30 during that awful Outsourcing show.

  2. That's the thing, I've forgotten its even on because in my mind - 8pm - Community. Nothing else exists at that time in my world. Not family. Not friends. Not even Kaley Cuoco.