Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Should Watch This!

Every day around lunchtime I'm going to highlight some of the evening's best and worst programming. I'll let you know what you should watch, DVR and watch if you just need background noise.

Watch Live!
Terriers - FX - 10E
If you're not watching Terriers, you should be. Best new show on television? Perhaps. Terriers is something I want to watch while Boardwalk Empire is something I feel like I need to watch. (And Boardwalk is awesome.) But I'm addicted to this show. If you've missed the first few episodes, catch up online at the FX website. All 4 of the first episodes are streaming. I'm telling you, you will love this show.

Modern Family - ABC - 9E
Just watch this because if you don't people that watch it will think you're dumb. Its good, but I'm not as gaga over it as some. (/nods at clown)

Cougar Town - ABC - 9:30E
This has turned into one of my favorite shows. Definitely don't say that near Modern Family fans. Cougar Town sucked when it started and the creators changed midstream. Now its funny, kind of sweet and always entertaining. Maybe I'm just a sucker for Ian Gomez and Christa Miller from the Drew Carey Show days. (I'll get into that in the future.)

South Park - Comedy Central - 10E
Ehhh... Actually, you should just set your DVR and maybe watch this sometime later this week if the episode garners a lot of buzz. South Park episodes are kind of hit or miss these days. Sometimes you're 5 minutes into an episode thinking "Holy shit! This is brilliant." And other times, "Hey, Cartman is trying to be even dumber and he's eating Vagasil. lol?" Unless there's buzz, South Park can be skipped, but you've got to DVR because every few episodes people get a hard-on for this show.
The Challenge: Cutthroat - MTV - 10E
Your regular addictive MTV offering. Three teams this year. A bunch of mostly/kind of attractive and damaged girls that grow on you because they're the only females around. DVR and watch after Terriers.

UFC - SpikeTV - 10E & 11E
A new episode of TUF and the second installment of Primetime: Lensar vs. Velasquez. Even on a TV and movie blog, I can't get away from MMA. DVR both and watch them at your leisure.

White Noise
Better With You - ABC - 8:30E
Saw the pilot and this show sucked. Based on the characters, there's no possible way this show became decent. Its only worth watching if you have beer and multiple people in your living room to joke about the show with. Couples at different stages of relationships act different! *laugh track*

Hell's Kitchen - FOX - 8E
I usually end up watching this while I wait for Modern Family to start. That means I usually miss Better With You, which is ok because that show sucks.

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  1. Terriers yes and well as Modern family. Still watch Chuck because always a little t/a on it. Dropped the event after 1 viewing. Have Boardwalk on the dvr, and get to it when I get a chance. A bunch of other shows I watch as well.

  2. I've never seen an episode of Chuck. I don't know if I can deal with something like The Event after what LOST just got done doing to me.

  3. South Park has NEVER sucked!

    /admits that it has sucked from time to time.Sigh.

  4. A bad episode of South Park will still make you laugh.