Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad Night For New Jersey: South Park Bombs Them, The Situation Bounced From Dancing With The Stars

I have to give credit where it's due. Last night's episode of South Park, "It's a Jersey Thing," was awesome. Why this timely and hilarious episode wasn't the season premiere, its beyond me. Last week Trey and Matt put out the unispired NASCAR episode that made me warn everyone that South Park was hit-or-miss. Then last night, the brought in Al Qaeda to destroy the Jersey hoard. It really was South Park at its best - destroying popular culture and doing outrageous shit that no one else would even think about.

In the episode, South Park has to deal with the ever-expanding state of New Jersey.

Sure, the tortured The Situation - while he held his shirt up to show off his abs, of course - but the highlight was the absolute destruction of Snookie.

Its just so cruel. Hey, when they're on, they're on. You can watch the entire episode at South Park Studios.

Earlier in the evening, The Situation was voted off Dancing With The Stars. Before he left, he gave America something to think about.

So what does this mean for Jersey Shore? Are we reaching the saturation point? Is it time for The Situation to start walking away from us? Are we even ready for that? These are the questions I don't want answered.

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