Sunday, October 17, 2010

You Should Watch This!

It's Sunday! Sure, its football season and there is surely an important contest going on tonight in the baseball playoffs, but its also a great night for TV! And I'm going to tell you all about it! Or just tell you some about it!

Boardwalk Empire - 9E - HBO
Are you watching Boardwalk Empire? Its really good. It's not The Wire, but its a good watch. Think the opposite of John From Cincinnati. Do you remember how weird that show was? I think I watched that entire series and it was so confusing that I couldn't tell if it was bad or good - just stupid. Anyway, Boardwalk Empire is a great show. I wouldn't blame you if you waited to watch this all on DVD, but you should take advantage while its still OnDemand.

Dexter - 9E - Showtime
I caught up on this season of Dexter one night when I was drunk. This show will never recapture the originality of the first season or have a villain as good as John Lithgow again. Having said that, I love this show and am in it until the end.

Bored To Death - 10E - HBO
This show is unlike anything else on television. Its short, amusing and funny. It's not for everyone, but you should give it a shot if you haven't already.

Eastbound & Down - 10:30E - HBO
Just a sick pleasure. I doubt these guys will ever make a show of film that I won't enjoy. Also, Kenny Powers looks just like one of my relatives. (By marriage, I swear)

Undercover Boss - 9E - CBS
I would never tell you to watch this show over anything else available on Sunday. It's formulaic and predictable. That being said, its worth a view if you're ever bored. And no, the episode with the CEO of Hooters did not bring tears to my eyes. That rumor is not true!

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