Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Night Power Rankings

Thursday night is the busiest night on television. Wednesday is the second best nght Why? Why don't they move a couple shows to Monday or Tuesday? Hell, Big Bang Theory was on Mondays and they moved it to Thursdays. What's the point? Leave it on the baron wasteland that is Monday.

Now every Thursday we're forced to play the watch live versus DVR game. And on top of that, there are sports on. If you're recording two shows on my DVR, you can't watch a third channel. If there's a sporting event, I'm screwed. Tonight there's an NBA double-header on TNT. In a few weeks,

Because of the over-stuffing of Thursday nights I haven't even been able to give a fair hate-shake to Shit My Dad Says. I really would like to since the creator/writer guys have been on the FilmDrunk frotcast a couple times now. I feel like I should at least see an episode or two. I've seen multiple episodes of Outsourced and I know how fucking awful that show is. I can't even speak to Shit My Dad Says' awfulness. I barely feel comfortable talking about how bad it is.

Jersey Shore finished up last week and that helped. However, Bully Beatdown returns tonight. I love Bully Beatdown. Luckily, its on at 11.

Enough about the DVR conflicts, here's this week's Thursday rankings...

10. Outsourced
9. Shit My Dad Says
8. Read a book.
7. Bully Beatdown
6. Big Bang Theory
5. The Office
4. Always Sunny
3. 30 Rock
2. The League
1. Community


  1. 1. Big Bang Theory
    2. Everything else in the known universe...even puppies.

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